Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Living in Two Worlds

Nancy Pelosi is clearly very hypocritical, or very confused. Originally I had her figured for the former, but as she has become more prominent in the daily news cycle I'm becoming more convinced she simply doesn't realize she lives in two worlds.

She (or at least one of her aids) recently got very heated with the military when there were no more G5 planes available for transportation between DC and California. Despite being offered a military version of a Boeing 747, which by any honest assessment must be more than adequate for her purposes, Pelosi's office found this to be "totally unacceptable."

It's one thing to need speedy and reliable transportation to properly fulfill your duties when you're a high ranking politician, it's entirely another to act as if you have the right to use the most luxurious, most expensive version of that transportation. And if the first thing I think of after hearing Pelosi's reaction is Tropic Thunder and Les Grosman's bribe offering ownership of a G5, there's something definitely wrong.

Nancy Pelosi operates in two worlds: her public role as Speaker, and her private role in high-society. Publicly she backs spending packages and the need for the government to "aid those in need" (as vague as that sounds), but privately she isn't willing to give up any of the luxuries she currently receives as part of her position. If she wants to ask me and other common Americans to pay higher taxes and foot her spending plans, she needs to at least be willing to make some sacrifices of her own. Not the least of which should be the demand for the same plane that Jay-Z currently uses.