Monday, May 22, 2006

The Message In BC's Commencement

While about 50 students stood with their backs turned as the Secretary of State was introduced to give the commencement address for Boston College, the rest presented her with sound applause and a standing ovation. That in itself is at least worthy of mention, but what struck me most was what Rice said before the ceremony:

"People have the right to protest, but I hope when they protest they realize also that people now have a right to protest in Baghdad and Kabul, and that's a very big breakthrough for the international community," Rice said Monday before the BC commencement.

This sums up in a sentence the difference between the center-right and fever swamp lefties. The leaders of the Democratic party blindly rage against the president and his administration, and place intense emphasis on painting the GOP as a bunch of bad guys. Yet while they are screaming they ignore the many successes that have come from the war on terror and the war in Iraq.

It is truly that simple.