Monday, May 01, 2006

The Immigration March

Huge roundup courtesy of Instapundit and Michelle Malkin.

The march, however, is just a big show. It will get a lot of press coverage and be talked about extensively for the next few days, but the likelihood that it accomplishes anything other than boost news ratings is unlikely.

As we saw from the Senate's breakdown in the past weeks, immigration policy is going nowhere until we see some new faces in Congress. The House bill was a good one, but the Senate compromise took away all of the House bill's successes, and the end result was not much different than what we started with.

But none of this should phase those who organized today's rallies. They don't want immigration reform. If they were arguing for amnesties or greater rights for the workers already here, then they would not have had the problem with the House bill that they did. They would have known that by getting behind the border security plan they could have had greater standing in arguing for those immgirants that had already crossed the border.

But the truth is that the organizers don't want compromise or solution, they only seek to divide and anger. The uproar they seek to creat is merely their latest pot shot at the administration. The effect of the march will be brief but insignificant. The efforts at immigration reform will subside as soon as they realize the only chance at changing policy will come after November this year.