Monday, April 10, 2006

Not All Latinos Are Pro-Illegal Immigration

A very provocative story:
Contrary to scenes of hundreds of thousands of united Latinos marching across the country in support of immigration reform, a sizable number of the ethnic group opposes the marches and strongly objects to illegal immigration...

A 2005 survey by the Pew Hispanic Center found that Latinos in general have favorable attitudes toward immigrants and immigration.

But when it comes to illegal immigration, significant numbers have negative views of illegal immigrants.

The survey found those feelings are strongest among middle-class and middle-age U.S.-born Latinos.

This is a very important distinction to make, but it's a distinction that often goes unreported by the network media. The images we've seen this past week seem to imply a unified Latino alliance for granting an amnesty for illegal immigrants, or at least a willingness to support the rights of illegals.

But as this article seeks to point out, that universal support does not exist, especially not in the sense that the MSM seeks to portray. Take note of this, if anything it will help keep you away from an "us versus them" mentality.