Thursday, April 27, 2006

Justice At NKU

Professor Sally Jacobsen of NKU is finally being punished for her radical ideology-driven misconduct a couple of weeks ago. In case you forgot what exactly she did, here's some background:

Four hundred crosses representing aborted fetuses were pulled from the ground and thrown in trash cans around campus. A sign explaining the temporary display, which had been approved by university officials as an expression of free speech, was also removed.

Jacobsen told reporters that she had "invited" students in her graduate-level British literature course to exercise free-speech by destroying the display.

She said she was offended by the simulated cemetery, which she considered intimidating and harmful to women who might be considering abortions. NKU's campus newspaper, the Northerner, published photos of Jacobsen dismantling part of the display.

Since the incident became public, NKU's president has received hundreds of e-mails from throughout the country condemning the professor's actions. She was placed on leave last week, and substitutes were assigned to her classes for the rest of the semester.

Jacobsen has been charged with criminal mischief, theft by unlawful taking, and criminal solicitation. The six student's who heeded Jacobsen's call for destruction are also being charged with criminal mischief and theft by unlawful taking.

Serves them right. And thankfully this isn't the first time that some radical lefties have been punished for their churlish actions. (HT: Michelle Malkin)