Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bird Flu Hits Scotland

From BBC News:
Preliminary tests have confirmed the H5 avian flu virus in a sample from a swan found dead in Fife, health officials have revealed.

The exact virus strain is not known, but tests were continuing and further results were expected on Thursday.

The Scottish Executive said restrictions had been put in place around Cellardyke, east of Anstruther.

If the disease is confirmed as the deadly H5N1 strain there may be further restrictions set up.

The virus' slow movement westward continues, and very ominously at that. It is still highly like that the Avian Flu will arrive in America, and state and local governments must continue to gather supplies and establish plans of action for its arrival. Ample warning has been given by the federal government, so if anything does go wrong, we only have our local officials to blame.