Friday, April 21, 2006

Better Late Than Never

Sen. Frist hasn't been doing so hot in the Presidential straw polls lately, mainly because of his failures to support what the GOP base has demanded him. But perhaps he has realized his error and is now trying to make a play for the base in hopes of improving his presidential chances:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Majority Leader Bill Frist intends to seek Senate passage of immigration legislation by Memorial Day, hoping to revive a bill that tightens border security and gives millions of illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship, Republican leadership aides said Friday.

In a gesture to conservative critics of the measure, Frist and other Republicans also intend to seek roughly $2 billion in immediate additional spending for border protection.

The aides said the money would allow for training of Border Patrol agents, construction of detention facilities for immigrants caught entering the country illegally, the purchase of helicopters and surveillance aircraft and construction of a fence in high-traffic areas.

Immigration is the right place to start, but Sen. Frist will have to make strides for confirming the judges, maintaining the Patriot Act, and balancing the budget --especially in regards to Pork spending-- before he puts himself back in legitimate contention for the presidency in 2008.