Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Joel Stein Does It Again

Remember "I don't support our troops" Joel Stein of The Los Angeles Times? Well he's at it again:
But I kind of like the Mexicans. I find it hard to hate people who clean my house and serve delicious, cheap food. If the Germans could learn to dust and make a decent taco, I think we would have stopped making Holocaust movies a while ago.

If you were interested in creating a guidebook on how to best marginalize yourself with the American public, you would want to ask Joel Stein to author it.

Joel Stein represents the Los Angeles Times, and his work --as well as much of what the other Times op-ed journalists have put out-- have pushed the paper to the fringe of the fever swamp. Yet another reason why the Times' circulation continues to decrease, and new media continues to grow in influence and readership.