Friday, March 31, 2006

Another Democrat Nutter

Earlier this week, Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia hit a Capitol Hill police officer after she refused to go through a metal detector. And guess what, she's not sorry:

She has refused to apologize in a statement and a brief on-camera interview...

Asked on-camera Thursday by WSB-TV of Atlanta whether she intended to apologize, McKinney refused to comment. A news conference scheduled for Friday morning was canceled. She issued a statement late Wednesday saying she regretted the confrontation.

"I know that Capitol Hill Police are securing our safety, and I appreciate the work that they do. I have demonstrated my support for them in the past and I continue to support them now," she said in the statement on her Web site.

If you're so appreciative, Rep. McKinney, then why on earth would you hit one of these police officers? What could possibly possess you to do such a thing?

Well, in very predictable fashion, her lawyers are saying she's just another victim of the system:
A lawyer for Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the Georgia congresswoman who had an altercation with a Capitol Police officer, says she was "just a victim of being in Congress while black..."

Her lawyer, James W. Myart Jr., said, "Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, like thousands of average Americans across this country, is, too, a victim of the excessive use of force by law enforcement officials because of how she looks and the color of her skin."

To play the race card in this situation is completely absurd. Anyone who is not specifically recognized as a member of Congress is required to pass through a metal detector, whether or not it is a hassle to them. The safety of Congressional members is the top priority for Capitol Hill Police, and they're not going to allow anyone to avoid the security checkpoint merely because they don't want to.

To try and blow this situation so out of proportion by calling it a race issue only exposes the fault of Rep. McKinney. This isn't a national crisis of police brutality toward black America, it is an isolated incident with an angry Congresswoman who was angered by the fact that she wasn't recognized by a security guard.

That being said, she struck a police officer. Anyone who strikes a law enforcement official --I don't care who they are-- should be arrested and imprisoned. There is simply no excuse for attacking an officer. None.

Nancy Pelosi has urged people to "not make a big deal of this." Excuse me, but hitting a police officer is no small offense. I stand by House Speaker Dennis Hastert in asking, "How many officers would have to be punched before it becomes a big deal?"