Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another Call For Jihad From al-Zawahri

For the second time in recent past, number two al-Qaeda operative Ayman al-Zawahri calls for mass murder in strikes against the West:

As well as physical attacks on the West, Zawahri, who is deputy to al Qaeda’s leader Osama bin Laden, called for an economic boycott against several countries.

“It is our duty to take part in a mass economic boycott of Denmark, Norway, France, Germany, and all countries that take part in this crusader attack against Islam,” he said, referring to the cartoons first published in a Danish newspaper last year.

He described the cartoons as part of a U.S.-led “crusader” campaign. “An example of the hatred of the crusaders led by America ... are the repeated offences against the personality of the Prophet Mohammad, may peace be upon him,” Zawahri said.

There has been a growing number of these sorts of rally calls from some major players both in al-Qaeda and the radical Islamic movement as a whole, especially in the past several months.

This is a good sign.

These men are ratcheting up their rhetoric because they realize they are losing the GWOT. The troops of the United States and our allies have been making life very difficult for al-Qaeda and the rest of the terrorists, and their leaders understand that as long as we have their backs up against the wall, it beocmes increasingly difficult to properly organize a large-scale attack on the West.

So while it is alarming to hear Zawahri and others like him call for the death of the West, realize that this alos means we are winning the GWOT.