Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yesterday's NSA Hearings In Ten Minutes

Pajamas Media has a brief, ten-miute video recapping the events from yesterday's hearings in the Judiciary Committee about the NSA's terrorist surveillance program. Included is film of Alberto Gonzales' performance before the committee, interviews with various senators (including John Cornyn), and some coverage of Paul Mirengoff's questions to Ted Kennedy and Dick Durbin.

The video does a good wrap-up job of the significant points of yesterday, and hits on many aspects of the hearings that weren't covered by MSM. Watch the video, and stay online with PJ for continued coverage of the hearings.

Also, here's an important post on Senator John Kyl's contributions to the hearings. During his questioning of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Sen. Kyl did a superb job of framing the debate and reiterating the Bush Administration's position.