Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Sunni Ultimatum

An important article about the ongoing negotiations in the Iraqi government comes via the Washington Times:

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Iraq's Sunni leadership presented the majority-Shi'ite government yesterday with a 10-point ultimatum that they said would either end the violence or lead to a national strike and widespread street demonstrations.

It was the first time the Sunni minority has publicly offered conditions to end a bloody insurgency that has left thousands of Iraqis dead. However, it was not clear how much control the political parties have over the insurgents, who include foreign terrorists and disgruntled former members of dictator Saddam Hussein's military.

At the top of the list of demands was the resignation of the interior minister and his entire staff -- who are seen as leading a brutal anti-Sunni campaign through Iranian-trained Badr militias and a pro-Shi'ite police force.

This is certainly progress, and it is certainly a good sign for the development of the Iraqi democracy.