Friday, February 24, 2006

The Rally For Denmark

In D.C. today, Christopher Hitchens organized a rally for freedom at the Embassy of Denmark.

Glenn Reynolds has a ton of links as well as some pictures here and here.

This event deserves attention, and the MSM could provide it with that attention by relaying the story to a national audience. However, I would not be terribly surprised if we didn't see any coverage of this event by any of the major networks or newspapers.

As Glenn notes, if the story is not widely reported, it will be a poor reflection on MSM. Not covering this rally essentially makes the statement that the only way to get press coverage for a rally at an embassy is to fire to it.

As of 11:00pm, via multiple Google searches, none of the major papers' or networks' websites had any mention of the pro free speech rally. As I've noted many times before, the MSM is hesitant to report stories that don't reflect poorly on the administration, and I can't see journalism's elite changing their habits anytime soon.

All this being said, we must remember that the rally was advocating freedom of speech; something we all hold dear. It was not advocating the publication of the offensive cartoons, but merely the right to do so. This is a key distinction that I've made before, and my thoughts about the cartoons haven't changed.

But the key thing to take away from this is the importance of this peaceful rally in the face of all the violent protests witnessed throughout Europe and the Arab nations of the Middle East, and the MSM's resistance to reporting an event very deserving of it.