Monday, February 06, 2006

The NSA Hearings

Start with the most recent background from John Hinderaker at Power Line.

Then read Atorney General Alberto Gonzales' most recent defense of the NSA surveillance progam at the WSJ. Key quote from Gonzales:

The terrorist surveillance program is necessary. It is lawful and it respects the civil liberties we all cherish...To end the program now would be to afford our enemy dangerous and potentially deadly new room for operation within our own borders.

After that prep work, you'll be ready for Pajamas Media's comprehensive coverage of the NSA hearings. Note the video of the verbal exchange between Power Line's Paul Mirengoff and Democractic Senator Dick Durbin. Sen. Durbin is certainly not reading the blogs. (Here's Paul's Post on his encounter).

As Paul thrusted at Sen. Durbin, if the Dems have discrepancies with the aministration's understanding of what AUMF authorizes, why don't the push a resolution to have terms defined? Or better yet, why not push a floor vote to see whether the Senate thinks listening to calls from al Qaeda to the U.S. is an appropriate and valuable way to prevent further terrorist attacks?

The Dems won't make this move, however, because a vote of this nature would expose their lack of a basic concern for national security.