Thursday, February 02, 2006

No Comment

Today's Washington Post published the letter from the Joint Chiefs in response to Tom Toles' cartoon (see immediately below ). However, it did not publish any sort of response from either Toles or the editors.

The Posts' "no comment" is undeniably cowardly. If the paper is going to publish anything, it should be prepared to defend its decision to do so, or offer an apology of mistaken judgement. But "no comment" is not an answer.

Simply publishing the Joint Chiefs' letter is a way of acknowledging its existence, but not having to deal with the issues it raises.

If I had to guess, I'd say that the editors at the Post actually stand behind the message of the cartoon, and approve of its vulgarity, so they are hesitant to apologize. I'm sure the editorial staff had some sort of a meeting regarding what to do, given the Joint Chiefs' response. The probably sat around a table tossing up "excuses" that could potentially be used, but none of them were good enough, so they chose non-response.

This is spineless stuff. When is the Post going to own up and offer a real response?