Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Leadership In The House

The new Majority Leader of the House is Rep. John Boehner of Ohio. Boehner won in the second round of voting, defeating Roy Blunt 122-109.

After an inconclusive first round of voting, John Shadegg, the candidate I supported, dropped out after coming in third. Most of his votes then went to Boehner, allowing him to win.

Boehner is a better choice than Blunt, though I would have preferred to see Shadegg win the position. Hopefully Rep. Boehner can take some initiative and get the GOP back to its small-government roots.


N.Z. Bear has some very accurate thoughts:

While the first choice of many of us in the blogosphere, Representative Shadegg, did not win the election, his impact on the race cannot be denied. His candidacy reminded his fellow Representatives that real reform, and real change in the leadership, was not simply the right thing to do, but utterly necessary to ensure the success of the GOP in November.

It is my sincere hope that Representative Boehner takes this message to heart, and takes up the banner of real reform with enthusiasm and commitment. And his past statements give reason for optimism. In our blogger conference call, and in his interview with Hugh Hewitt, Rep. Boehner reiterated his strong commitment against earmarks, and expressed support for the idea of posting legislation online for 72 hours prior to any vote. Limited government fans will be pleased with his direct and positive answer when asked if he'd support rules requiring legislation to contain statements identifying the authority within the Constitution that grants the Congress to legislate in that area ("That'd be fine with me."), and his even more direct answer to concerns about McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform ("We ought to blow the whole bill up.").

It is a critical time for the House GOP, and Boehner's leadership will be essential in bringing the party out from the cloud of corruption scandals.