Sunday, February 26, 2006

If You Translate, You Will Know

Every new document and audio tape from Saddam's regime that gets translated reveals more evidence about what Saddam was really up to prior to the U.S. led invasion in 2003.

We already know that one of these pre-war activities was Saddam's training thousands of terrorists at his terror training camps in Iraq. This knowledge verified the pre-war fears of the administration that Saddam could provide WMDs to terrorists to use against the U.S.

Now newly translated records suggest that Saddam had WMDs --or at least had weapons programs close to giving him WMDs-- just prior to the Iraq War in 2003. A lot of the evidence for this comes from Saddam's audio tapes:

On them, Saddam talks openly of programs involving biological, chemical and, yes, nuclear weapons.

[A]s late as 2000, Saddam can be heard in his office talking with Iraqi scientists about his ongoing plans to build a nuclear device. At one point, he discusses Iraq's plasma uranium program — something that was missed entirely by U.N. weapons inspectors combing Iraq for WMD. This is particularly troubling, since it indicates an active, ongoing attempt by Saddam to build an Iraqi nuclear bomb.

"What was most disturbing," said John Tierney, the ex- FBI agent who translated the tapes, "was the fact that the individuals briefing Saddam were totally unknown to the U.N. Special Commission (or UNSCOM, the group set up to look into Iraq's WMD programs)."

This information, coupled with the testimony given by the Iraqi Air Force's second in command, Georges Sada, gives a great deal of support to the assumption that Saddam had or was very close to WMDs prior to the U.S. led invasion. (Sada's testimony explains how Saddam used commericial trucks, jets, and cargo ships to discretely remove the WMDs from Iraq under the cover story that this massive movement of materials was for aiding Syrian flood victims.)

Given these facts, the editorial sited above concludes:

President Bush was right. We had to invade to disarm Saddam — otherwise, he would have completely reconstituted his chemical, nuclear and bio-weapons programs when inspectors left.

It seems hard to me to reach any other legitimate conclusion.

Furthermore, it is important to realize that there is still a mountain of documents and audio tapes from Saddam's regime that are yet to be translated. These dcouments and audio tapes may likely provide even further information about pre-war Iraq, and what really took place under Saddam.

So as more of this evidence becomes translated we will continue to learn more about Saddam's regime, and potentially about how truly accurate the administration's assumptions were about Saddam.

This is big news, but don't expect much coverage from the MSM.