Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Who's Winning In Iraq

If you're not already reading Michael Yon's blog, you should be. I have him linked in the blogroll because his on-the-ground reporting from Iraq is very comprehensive, and it offers an informed perspective on Iraq from someone who is actually there. He is one of the very best embedded journalists, and his time spent with servicemen who face the enemy everyday makes his work is extremely compelling, and very real.

Based on the faith I have in his reporting on Iraq, I had to further his recommendation of a National Geographic artcle titled "Who's Winning In Iraq", by Frank Viviano. (Note: the link I've given is to an online preview of the article, but to read the whole thing you must pick up a copy of the January 2006 National Geographic). The article looks to be very well researched, and it must be if Michael Yon can label it "one of the most intelligently written pieces on Iraq [he's] ever seen."

I highly recommend the article, and Michael's blog. He has posts related to National Geographic's article titled "Fork in the Road" and "Lost in Translation", which he wrote last year while in the areas discussed in the article.