Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Senate Democrat Bullies

After a few days of confirmation hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee, there is one thing that is becoming increasingly clear: the Democrats on the committee simply don't know their stuff when it comes to constitutional law and the judicial system. They are outmatched. Period.

The past three days have seen long-winded monologue after long-winded monologue by the Democrats on the committee, and at the end of every one of those tirades we've witnessed Judge Alito easily rebuttal. Senators Kennedy, Durbin, Leahy, Schumer, Biden, etc. have tried desperately to take down the nominee, and at every Democrat's attempt to discredit him, Alito has risen to the occasion to defend himself through his intelligence, in the process exposing these Democratic Senators for the know-nothings that they are.

Perhaps that is why the Dems have become so angry and embittered. They realize that they can't beat Judge Alito when it comes to the facts and matters of intelligence, so they seek out other, more churlish methods. The Dems resort to attacks on Alito's character, bullying the nominee at every chance the get. They bring forth twenty-year old documents, his membership in a Princeton Alumni society, even magazines he used to read, but all of these attacks are baseless and irrellevant to Alito's credentials and character.

The Dems behaved so cruelly that they sent Alito's wife Martha running from the confirmation hearing room in tears. The harshness of their words and the pure anger that came out of the Dems throughout the hearings were so over the top and irresponsible that one of their own, Senator Lindsey Grahman, formally apologized to Judge Alito's family for the behavior of his fellow committee members.

Today's biggest bully moment came from Sen. Teddy Kennedy, who demanded that Judge Alito explain a few obscure phrases from articles in a couple of magazines that Alito mentioned as ones he once read. Sen. Kennedy was relentless, bitter, and angry. His emotions got a hold of his reason (as they so often do), and what ensued was another logic-less tirade from Teddy K.

I think that Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters captures the ridiculousness of Sen. Kennedy quite well:

I'm not going to live-blog the bloviations from Ted Kennedy in great detail, but I have to add something about Kennedy's pulling out sentences from magazines and newspapers and demanding to know if Alito had ever read them. Isn't this the same kind of treatment that Democrats complain that the PATRIOT Act would do to Americans -- hold them responsible for their reading material? None of this has anything to do with Alito's record as a judge, but because he mentioned the Prospect and National Review as magazines he may have read, now he's being held responsible for every word they have ever published. I read the New York Times, and I hardly agree with anything they write.

Now Kennedy wants to subpoena the records of CAP -- and Specter is getting irate about the attitude of the Senator. Someone needs to explain to Kennedy that subpoenaing the records of a long-defunct group because one disagrees with its political views sets up a very bad precedent. Shall we have subpoenaed all the records of the ACLU during the Ginsburg confirmations? This stinks of Joe McCarthy, another pernicious force who spent far too much time in the Senate soaking up deference while providing nothing but shameful attacks on people who have done nothing to deserve them except give their lives for public service.

And Captain Ed isn't the only one comparing Sen. Ted Kennedy to Joe McCarthy.

But putting all of the Democratic lunacy aside, I'd like to end this post with some reason, and for that I turn to Scott Johnson's thoughts on Alito today:

In the past, I have thought that the standard of the "best-qualified person" for the Supreme Court was mythical. Taking the evidence of his qualities and experience on display in the hearings, however, Judge Alito may in fact be the best-qualified man in the country for the job. His mastery of Supreme Court precedent, for example, is awesome.

Judge Alito has responded in an incredibly forthright manner to the senators' questions. The Democrats will have a hard time justifying votes against him based on his alleged failure to respond to any questions he should have answered. Thus the Democratic efforts to defame Judge Alito; thus Senator Kennedy's frolic and detour on CAP.