Friday, January 27, 2006

The RNC's New Ad

I received this email today from the RNC.

Dear ________,

After September 11th, we heard so often that our government failed to connect the dots. So, the President signed the Patriot Act, which had been passed overwhelmingly by Congress. Now, watch the new TV and Web ad that exposes Harry Reid and the Democrats for their attempts to weaken the PATRIOT Act, an essential tool in America's arsenal to fight the War on Terror.

Watch the video, and you'll see Harry Reid bragging that "we killed the PATRIOT Act." Here's what Reid is proud of: Trying to kill a vital law that breaks down the wall between in telligence and law enforcement, and makes it easier to prevent and detect attacks on America. Reid's boast shows how reckless the Democrats have become when it comes to safeguarding America.

See the ad now on The ad will also appear on national cable TV, and in Reid's home state of Nevada.

When Democrats brag about undermining an important part of the War on Terror, we hold them accountable. You can too - by watching the video, and forwarding it to all your friends.


Ken Mehlman,
Chairman, Republican National Committee

The ad offers a few key points, namely about the Patriot Act's successes in foiling potentional terrorist plots. Head to the GOP website and check it out.