Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here Comes the Patriot Act

As soon as the long-winded Dems are done whining about CAP and Vanguard and the Senate finishes up its confirmation of Judge Alito, it will face another crucial debate --this time on the Patriot Act.

The five week extension will have elapsed, and the debate on the Patriot Act will begin anew. The debate will determine whether the House-Senate compromise reached before the Christmas Break will be extended unchanged, or whether the Patriot Act will be brought back in its full authority:

Efforts to resolve House and Senate differences over a revised USA Patriot Act have reached a stalemate, a key committee chairman said yesterday. That means the current version of the law is likely to remain in place through next month or longer unless Senate Democrats and a handful of Republicans drop their demands for greater privacy safeguards in a proposed renewal, the chairman said.

But another senator said that the Bush administration continues to discuss possible changes, and that a resolution of the impasse is still possible.

In any case, the debate will provide us a very clear marker of where the parties stand on national security. It will expose those who don't take the GWOT seriously, and exhibit those who are committed to protecting our nation from the threat of terrorism.