Thursday, January 05, 2006

Democrats Aren't Planning a Fillibuster on Alito

According to Breitbart:
Democrats haven't completely given up the notion of filibustering Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court, though they're certainly not talking about it before his confirmation hearings...

Democrats have said repeatedly they aren't planning to filibuster Alito, although they also have refused to promise to refrain from the stalling tactic on the federal appellate judge.

In all likelihood, regardless of how the questions are answered, the Senate Democrats will not fillisbuster Judge Samuel Alito.

There are two reasons for this. First, Senate Republicans are a very credible threat to invoke the constitutional option in order to end the fillibuster immediately. And second, especially after the ABA's rating of Alito, the Dems know that even attempting a fillibuster would expose them as the hard left party that they are, and hurt their reputation with the American public.

But that won't stop the Dems from voting against Alito:
"If he's a mainstream conservative, if he doesn't use a court to impose his views on the American people, he's likely to get approved. Some people may vote against him because they don't want someone that conservative on the court," Schumer said. But at the same time, Schumer added, "If he is out of the mainstream and will use his tremendously powerful position as Supreme Court judge to impose his views on the American people, then there's a potential for a filibuster, and no one really knows that until the hearings."

While Alito is certainly within the realm of the "mainstream", Sen. Schumer and other leading Dems like Joe Biden and Harry Reid will find a way to classify him as otherwise. If the tactics they used during the Roberts hearings are any indicator, don't expect these Democratic Senators to be too fond of Judge Alito.

Sen. Schumer claims that "some people" may vote against Alito because "they" think he's too conservative, but it's just another one of his press ploys, and when it comes to crunch time, he'll be one of those "people" who vote against Alito. The Senate Dems are hard lefties and they know it, they just have to hide that fact from the American public.