Friday, January 13, 2006

Alito's Fellow Judges and the Cowardly Democrats

I missed this yesterday, but I thought it was worth mentioning again today. A group of Judge Alito's colleagues were brought before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday for testimony. The six judges from the appeals court gave nothing short of a full defense of Judge Alito.

Among the group was U.S. Appeals Court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, a judge appointed under President Clinton. Much to the left's dismay, Judge Barry provided a resounding endorsement of Judge Alito. So in a very typical fashion, rather than hear one of their own party's appointees defend a Republican nominee, the Senate Democrats decided to just ignore her. Michelle Malkin notes:
Chuck Schumer walked out before the judges started to speak. Teddy Kennedy showed up late, stayed for 10 minutes, then left. Pat Leahy put on a dour face for a short time, and also bailed. Dianne Feinstein, to her credit, remained for the duration and asked respectful questions.

The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are so bitterly opposed to anything right of center that they'd rather pretend it doesn't exist. If these judges didn't have any new dirt on Alito, then why bother? Power Line's John Hinderaker hits the nail on the head:
This is truly extraordinary. Extraordinary that Judge Alito's colleagues have turned out to defend him against the Democrats' smears; extraordinary that the Democrats themselves couldn't be bothered to stick around to hear what this distinguished group of judges had to say. After all, if the Democrats were actually interested in what kind of judge Sam Alito is, these are precisely the witnesses who could tell them. If the Democrats really thought that Alito's judicial opinions reflect poorly on him, these are exactly the people who could answer their questions, and, if they are correct, confirm their fears. But the Democrats apparently knew that wasn't going to happen. The only conclusion one can draw is that the Democrats knew they were smearing a fine man and a fine judge. But the fact that they didn't even have the decency or respect to stay and listen to Alito's colleagues is disgusting.

Mrs. Malkin adds:
Indeed, if Judge Barry were a screeching liberal moaning about Alito's threat to the female populace, the Dems would have been all ears--and Judge Barry would have been all over the evening news tonight. But she wasn't.

No, she certainly was not. But as the Dems ignore the praise offered by Judge Barry, we should be encouraged by it. The longer these hearing proceed, the more exemplary and commendable Judge Alito is revealed to be. So put down Judge Barry's remarks as the latest in a long series of evidence of the great character of Judge Alito.