Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Alito Hearings: Day 2

The transcripts of the second day of Judge Alito's confirmation hearings are available courtesy of the Washington Post.

Not surprisingly, the Democrats went out of their way (again) to make themselves look ridiculous. Cases in point:

Russ Feingold: telling Alito he should not have received advice on preparation for the hearings from the administration, despite the fact that every nominee in recent history has been given help from those who brought forth the nomination.

Teddy Kennedy: jumping off the far left cliff in an attempt to paint Alito as a mouthpiece for the administration.
Something unusual happened on the way to this week's nomination hearings for Judge Samuel Alito: Reporters scoffed at the ridiculousness of Sen. Ted Kennedy. Notably, one columnist called his antics "meandering and listless" and suggested Mr. Kennedy is beyond his prime. It's about time: Mr. Kennedy and his 1960s mental furniture cannot square a modern nominee, much less a conservative one. So the spectacle of an angry and rambling Mr. Kennedy yesterday accusing Judge Alito of "support for an all-powerful president" and other baseless charges can only increase the guffaws

Chuck Schumer: trying to trap Alito on abortion by bringing up the 1985 memo that Alito wrote during the Reagan administration, only to be blown out of the water because he got too caught up making his cheap attack at the judge.
Q: Does the Constitution protect free speech?

A: Yes, Senator, the First Amendment protects free speech.

Q. Well, why can you give me a straight answer on that issue but not give me a straight answer on abortion?

A. Because the text of the Constitution explicitly includes the term "free speech".

Sounds like you got walloped Sen. Schumer. Maybe that's why Patterico is proposing the Chuckie S. Drinking Game.

With all of the Democratic senators' attempts to go after Alito they only expose themselves as being less knowledgeable, less intelligent, and less skilled. As a result, it's becoming quite fun to watch the SCOTUS hearings. Simply sit back and watch the Dems self destruct. GOP leaders are sleeping wonderfullly as the Dems continue to tear themselves apart. Every hour the hearings are prolonged, thousands more Americans will realize the inadequacy of the Democratic party, and the votes will chnage accordingly.