Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The ABA on Alito

The American Bar Association has given Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito its highest rating:

The "well qualified" rating — the highest — is the same one that Alito earned in 1990 when President Bush's father, George H.W. Bush, nominated him to the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Embracing the latest rating, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said, "Leading Senate Democrats have said in the past that the ABA is the — quote — gold standard for evaluating judicial nominees."

The Senate Demcorats --led by Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Ed Kennedy, and Dick Durbin--will, of course, conveniently forget this come next week when the hearings start.

Despite the rating from the ABA, the Dems will whine that Alito is another one of Bush's conservative minions. It won't work, however, and Alito will get through to the Supreme Court, but that won't stop us from having to watch these guys make a mockery of themselves as they try to drum up new ways to stop Alito's confirmation.

Here's the AP's tentaive schedule for the hearings:
Monday: The committee convenes at noon. Senators give their opening statements. Alito gives his opening statement.
Tuesday: Senators begin questioning Alito.

Jan. 11-13: Senators continue with their questioning. Outside witnesses are expected to testify. The panel meets in closed session to discuss Alito's FBI background check.

Jan. 17: Senate Judiciary Committee votes on Alito's nomination.

Jan. 18-19: Senate debate on Alito.

Jan. 20: Final Senate debate on Alito. Senate votes on nomination.

Next week will certainly be interesting.