Saturday, December 31, 2005

President Bush On 2005

In the his weekly radio address, President Bush hailed 2005 as a year where America grew more prosperous and advanced the cause of freedom abroad. He noted the progress made in Iraq:
This year, we watched the Iraqi people defy the terrorists and suicide bombers and hold three successful elections, voting to choose the only constitutional, democratic government in the Arab world.

And in Afghanistan:
We also saw the people of Afghanistan elect a democratic parliament in a nation that only a few years ago was ruled by the Taliban.

The president also said that in 2006, U.S. troops will continue to take steps to quell the insurgency and transfer more control of the fight to the Iraqis:
Our coalition is overcoming earlier setbacks and moving forward with a reconstruction plan to rebuild Iraq's economy and infrastructure. As we help Iraq build a peaceful and stable democracy, the United States will gain an ally in the war on terror, inspire reformers across the Middle East and make the American people more secure.

Regarding domestic issues, the president noted improvements in the U.S. economy
Inflation is low, productivity is high and small businesses are flourishing. Real disposable income is up. Consumers are confident, and early reports suggest good retail sales this holiday season.

As a side note, 1.8 million new jobs were created this past year, and the economy grew at a 4.3% pace in the third quarter - the best rate in more than a year.

President Bush continued to discuss his plans to implement permanent tax cuts, and cut government spending in the coming year. He with this:
In 2005, America grew in prosperity, advanced the cause of freedom and peace, and enhanced our security. Our duties continue in the new year, and I'm confident that our nation will meet the challenges that lie ahead.

You can read the entire radio address here. With all the United States has accomplished in 2005, the year must generally be regarding as a step in the right direction.