Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Murtha Goes Further Off the Deep End

Rep. Jack Murtha's response to President Bush's speech yesterday:

If they'd have kept the French here after 1776 . . . we'd have thrown them out. And that's what I say about what's happening in Iraq right now. The Iraqis are not against democracy. They're against our occupation.

Murtha has apparently replaced Cindy Sheehan as the left's anti-war loony tune. He is the new mouthpiece for the false information and reckless abandonment of facts that the left subscribes to, and the media loves everything he has to say.

Despite the MSM attention, Murtha is still completely wrong. Just because he makes more and more appearances and is quoted more and more by MSM outlets doesn't make his statements any more true.

From the ABC News poll of Iraqis' views about the war that I linked to yesterday:

*Only 26% of respondents want coalition troops to "leave now."

*Only 10% list the withdrawal of foreign troops within the next year as a "high priority."

Murtha needs to do a little fact-checking. So does the MSM. Perhaps then they'll realize what is obvious: we are winning the war in Iraq, the Iraqis support us, and premature withdrawal is the wrong course of action.