Thursday, December 22, 2005

More About the NSA and MSM Negligence

John Hinderaker has posted on all of the relevant case law and statutes involved in the NSA controversy over at Power Line.

In this extremely important post, he lays out all of the information the MSM should have found and used when they wrote up their analyses of the NSA case. They didn't of course, because a full search for all the necessary information would have turned up the truth that many in the blogosphere have recently discovered: there is nothing illegal about the NSA intercept program, or the president's granting the NSA the authority to conduct such a program.

The MSM conveniently omits crucial evidence in their stories in order to take down the president. Nowhere is this clearer than with the New York Times, and especially with their involvement in this NSA story.

For everything there is to know about the NSA intercept program, the president's autorization of it, and the legality of both, go to Power Line and read John's post. In light of all of the facts presented by the relevant case law and statutes, no one can coherently argue against the legality of the NSA's work. Keep the information handy, it will be very useful for taking down the arguments against the president from the left.