Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Knight Ridder Story

Confirm Them considers the Knight Ridder story that accuses Judge Alito of "quietly but resolutely weav[ing] a conservative legal agenda into the fabric of the nation’s laws."

Confirm Them correctly notes that Alito's nomination furthers the goal of appointing Justices to the SCOTUS who will faithfully interpret the laws in a judicially conservative manner. In other words, he is a Justice who will interpret the laws in a manner that respects the intent of the words of the law, rather than seeking particular outcomes.

The Senate Republican Conference defends this point, and recently issued a detailed rebuttal to the Knight Ridder story. The SRC's rebuttal lines up the myths asserted by Knight Ridder's story and then proceeds to knock them down with the facts. Read the SRC's response. The points it makes and the facts it uses will surely come into play when the confirmation hearings begin in January.

Finally, Confirm Them's post notes Hugh Hewitt's response to the Knight Riddder story, in which he shows concern that the authors of the Alito attack piece admitted that other reporters could come to different conclusions based on the evidence that was used.

It all seems a little sketchy to me, and I'm sure that Knight Ridder's arguments will be old news in a week. That is, until Joe Biden and the rest of the Dems try to use them again in the confirmation hearings.