Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Here Comes the ANWR Vote

Yesterday the House passed a defense spending bill which would allow oil drilling to occur in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The ANWR legislation passed by a much larger margin this time, 308 - 106, because it got added on to the defense spending bill instead of the budget deficit bill, allowing it to gain votes from congressman who wanted the defense bill to pass.

The bill is already getting heated debate in the Senate, and a vote is scheduled for Wednesday. Sen. Dick Durbin thinks the Dems have enough votes to fillibuster the vote, but I beg to differ.

With the ANWR drilling legislation attached to the defense spending bill, it will get many more votes than it would standing alone. Just as extreme lefty Democrat Nancy Pelosi voted for the bill in the House because she did not want to appear weak on national security, Democratic Senators will bite their tongue and vote for the bill as well.

The vote will be much closer to be sure, but the fact that national security is at stake for the defense spending bill will help get it passed, ANWR drilling provision included.