Friday, December 09, 2005

Democrats On Iraq

The GOP has launced a new video exposing the "Retreat and Defeat" attitude of the Democrats. The video features leading Democrats like Howard Dean and John Kerry as they make anti-war statements advocating a cut-and-run policy that makes victory unachievable.

The video comes after the absurd statements of Kerry and Dean earlier this week, where Kerry equated American soldiers to terrorists and Dean claimed the Iraq war was unwinnable.

Dean is now claiming that he was quoted out of context, but this is completely untrue. Dean has used this tactic many times before after making outrageous statements, but to no avail. His long track record of defeatist rhetoric has shown people that he really is anti-miltitary and anti-victory in Iraq. The scary thing is, he is still the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, because his opinions represent a larger portion of the Democratic party than you might think.

The blatantly defeatist statements of top Dems like Dean show us the retreat-at-all-costs policy Democrats have committed themselves to on Iraq. But embracing surrender is not what Americans want, and it is not the way to ensure a free, democratic Iraq.

Ed Morrissey understands this, and his Daily Standard Column, "Rally Round the (White) Flag Boys!", sums up the Dems' Iraq policy quite well. But the closing graphs of his post over at Captain's Quarters say it all:
The irony for the Democrats is that they have relied so heavily on making George Bush the focus of their electoral strategy that literally any good news from Iraq now completely discredits them. That's why people like Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi have ratcheted up the hysteria in the last several weeks approaching the next election; if successful, it demonstrates that they had sold out the US for their own petty electoral interests. They need a failure in Iraq, thanks to the stupidity of their strategy through two electoral cycles. Instead of taking Joe Lieberman's advice in 2004 and accepting the Iraq War as a bipartisan effort, so that they could focus the election on domestic issues, the Democrats took up the International ANSWER banner and argued for the most radical positions available.

Now they want to bug out just before the Iraqis make it impossible for them to declare defeat any more, the last tactic open that will ensure a failure that they can then hang onto Bush. A few prominent Democrats have started to balk at this, notably Lieberman himself, Steny Hoyer, and even Hillary Clinton to a smaller degree. They understand that the Democrats have just launched themselves off the cliff, and the GOP is about to ensure that they can't reach back for a parachute for an easy landing.