Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Cut-and-Run Lite"

This is the emerging Democratic political strategy regarding Iraq, according to Paul Mirengoff in his latest Daily Standard article. First graph:

The Democrats' 2006 election strategy regarding the war in Iraq has begun to emerge. According to the Washington Post, key Democratic operatives and legislators "are slowly coalescing around a political plan [that] would involve setting a broad time frame for drawing down U.S. troops and blaming Bush for misleading the country into a war without a victory plan."

Their aim is to "provide the party enough maneuvering room to allow Democrats to adjust their position as conditions in Iraq change." This strategy, the Post explains, is the product of fear that advocating a prompt withdrawal from Iraq would jeopardize the party's chances of succeeding in 2006. Thus, for the third straight election, mainstream Democrats intend to craft their position on matters of war and peace based on political calculation, not their view of the national interest.

He has just hit the nail on the head. Read the whole article, it's quite good.