Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bush Fights Back

President Bush responded to Howard Dean's anti-war comments yesterday, calling him a pessimist trying to score political points:

"I know we're going to win, and our troops need to hear not only that they are supported but that we have got a strategy that will win," said Bush...

[The president cited] the scheduled Iraqi elections December 15 and the trial of Saddam Hussein [as] proof of progress in Iraq. Bush said the Saddam trial is proof of the change that has taken place in Iraqi society, compared to the days when Saddam was in charge and opponents faced "death or torture" instead of justice.

"Oh, there's pessimists, you know, and politicians who try to score points. but our strategy is one that will lead us to victory," Bush said when asked about Dean's remarks.

Bush has rejected setting a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, saying it would encourage the Iraqi insurgency. His administration has recently gone on the offensive against critics of the war by warning that calls to withdraw could hurt the morale of U.S. troops there.

Another good move by the president, and a swift one at that. He's expected to give another speech Wednesday about the Iraq war and the upcoming Iraqi elections.

Let's hope that he continues his battle in the public opinion wars over Iraq, after his previous absence, and works everyday to combat the defeatist, cut-and-run tactics of the Dems.

For the curious, more on Dean's anti-war comments from Jim Gergahty, Captain Ed, and below.