Thursday, November 03, 2005

When Is The Alito Vote?

Courtesy of National Review Online, Kathryn Lopez is reporting at The Corner that Senate Judiciary hearings will begin January 9, according to Senator Arlen Specter. The chairman hopes Alito will receive a floor vote by the 20th. (HT: Hugh Hewitt)

While it would be much more efficient and sensible to get Alito on the SCOTUS by the end of this month, we have seen that when we force the Democrats' hand, they resort to obstructionist maneuvers like the one we saw on Tuesday. So if Senate Republicans think that avoiding a hurried approach towards the nomination will make it less likely for the Dems to fillibuster, then I'll go along with them.

Between now and when Alito gets confirmed, however, there are some very important cases that will make their appearance in front of the SCOTUS. The parental consent abortion hearing is one such case. But if the Court acts logically, which it certainly will with John Roberts now as the Chief Justice, then it will not rule on any of these controversial cases before Alito joins the Court in January.