Saturday, November 12, 2005

Washington Post: Democrat Spin Machine

Over at Power Line, Paul Mirengoff has some insight on how the Washington Post works to further Democratic intrests. The article in question is one titled "Bush spars with critics of the war." The article attempts to adress the president's delayed response to those who claim that the administration has lied about its pre-war intelligence regarding Iraq.

An aside: President Bush's response came in the form of a speech Friday that was his most forceful defense yet of his Iraq war policy, where he accused his critics of trying to rewrite history, and charged that they are undercutting America's forces on the front lines (which, I might add, is completely true). You can read the text of the president's speech in two parts, here and here.

But back to the Post's story.

Mirengoff notes that in the article, the Post's Dana Milbank and Walter Pincus grudgingly admit that the administration in fact did not lie at all about it's pre-war intelligence on Iraq. The article admits that "Intelligence agencies overwhelmingly believed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction" and that President Bush didn't claim that that there were no exceptions to this view.

Here is where Mirengoff gets to the center of the issue:
Thus, a non-partisan paper would headline the story of Bush's defense of the integrity of his administration by saying something like "Bush responds to critics" or "Bush defends administration's handling of pre-war intelligence." But the Washington Post isn't non-partisan. It is a pro-Democratic spin machine, even on issues where it knows that the president's position is correct. So it tries to make the president sound like he's engaging in partisan quibbling rather than finally responding to charges which, in their strongest form, cast him as one of the great villains of American history.

The Post also misleadingly presents itself as above the fray. If Bush is sparring, he's sparring with the Post as well as with the Democrats, to whom the Post refers in the sub-title.

The sub-title, of course, is intended to further demean the president. What could be more tacky than resorting to a "campaign-style" tone. The president is supposed to be leading the country, and here he is engaged in the dreaded "permanent campaign," sparring with the Democrats.
The pro-Democratic Post simply can't help itself when it sees an opportunity to take a stab at the president, and thus we must continue to debunk its reporting.

But the point of all of this is that the Democrats are nervous. The president finally revealed to the public in his speech Friday what the blogosphere has known for a long time: that bi-partisan investigations and the majority of intelligence agencies shared the administration's views about the threat of Iraq, as well as Saddam's potential possession of WMDs.

The truth hurts the Dems, and so they leave it up to the Washington Post and the rest of the MSM to spin the news in their favor. That is the only way they can convince the American people that they're right.