Tuesday, November 15, 2005

So Much For Loyalty

Senate Republicans caved in today, and there is no other way to put it.

GOP Senators helped to pass a resolution that calls for the administration to “explain to Congress and the American people its strategy for the successful completion of the mission in Iraq.” The resolution also requires the President to provide reports on U.S. foreign policy and military operations in Iraq every three months, until all U.S. combat troops have been withdrawn.

So much for loyalty. The president’s “allies” in the Senate have sold him out with this legislation.

It won’t be long before the left’s propaganda machine starts declaring the Senate GOP as converts who have “realized their error in judgment.” MSM journalists will surely write that with this “rebuking” of the administration by Frist and Warner and the rest of the Senate Republicans who voted for the resolution is a sign of diminishing support for the war.

John Kerry has already come out talking this way, telling his followers that Republican sponsorship of the Iraq war is crumbling.

This collapse by the GOP Senators is simply stunning, and it is definitely illogical. Consider Secretary Rumsfeld’s reactions to the Senate’s call for “reports” from the administration: (HT: Hugh Hewitt)
On the matter of keeping Congress informed, the secretary said that the "Department of Defense and the Department of State send literally dozens of Iraqi-related reports to Congress each year already" and that the Pentagon alone sends Congress "I don't know, it's something over 900 reports total every year" on an array of subjects.

"I hope someone reads them," Mr. Rumsfeld said.
The administration has to be wondering what exactly Frist and Warner and company are thinking, just as I am.

Captain Ed over at Captain’s Quarters does not share my concern,but instead offers a very hopeful interpretation of the situation. I can’t agree with his argument, however, because I feel it is just that: very hopeful.

Thus the recent bad behavior by the GOP in the Senate is severely upsetting. This legislation on the war is only the latest in a series of un-Republican moves by these GOP senators. Bryan Preston sums it up well:
All of this makes me wonder, how much worse would a Democrat senate majority really be? The GOPers spend too much, they killed ANWR drilling again, and they're making moves on the war that are at least head-scratchers and probably counterproductive to actually winning the war. This is libDem stuff, not bedrock conservatism or even common sense. The only thing the Democrats could do that would be worse would be to cut off funding of the war entirely. Which is what some Democrat senators want to do.

This legislation makes me wonder if many Republicans aren't far behind them.
In any case, Sen. Frist and the other Republican Senators who backed the resolution on Iraq need to know how wrong of a move this was. Tell them.

Captain Ed has changed his mind, and now sees a problem with the Senate's passage of this resolution.