Friday, November 18, 2005

The Murtha Resolution

The House has planned a vote on Congressman Murtha's proposal to immediately withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq.

This is a very savvy move by the Republicans in the House, and it is the kind of move they need to be making as the congressional majority. In forcing the issue of pulling out of Iraq to a vote, the GOP are putting a lot of pressure on the Dems. Rather than hiding behind a shield of rhetoric, the Dems will have to go public with their stance on the war.

If the Dems vote in favor of the Murtha resolution and immediate withdrawal, they are displaying their cut-and-run mentality for the public to see. The Dems who vote for the Murtha resolution will be admitting to the American public their defeatist position on Iraq. They will be exposed on record.

If the Dems vote against the Murtha resolution, they will no longer be able to lament about the administration's policy for Iraq. To vote against the Murtha resolution is to concede that the president and the Republican party are right about the fact that staying in Iraq is the best policy for winning the war.

Furthermore, the Dems who vote against the Murtha resolution will lose credibility with their big donators of the Dean-loving left, as well as a decent portion of their base (if the AP polls about withdrawing from Iraq are correct). In any regard, this move by the GOP is a strong one that puts the Dems in a seemingly no-win situation.

No End But Victory is live-blogging the proceedings of the debate on the vote. Keep tracking to see who says what, and who votes how. This vote will be one of the most important points in the war.