Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Elections, Terrorists In Australia, and The Avian Flu

RealClearPolitics has the lastest polls on all the state elections going on today. New Jersey and Virginia are electing new governors, and California is considering some important ballot initiatives, including a proposition to amend the state consitution so that parental notification and a waiting period would be required for a minor to have an abortion.

As of noon today, the Democratic candidate for Governor is ahead in both New Jesery and Virginia, while it looks like Arnold will get about half of the initiatives he has lobbyed for in California. Track RealClearPolitics for updates.

Here is a brief summary of the situation in Australia:
Police arrested 17 terror suspects in Australia's two biggest cities Tuesday in raids authorities said foiled a plot to carry out a catastrophic terror attack. A radical Muslim cleric known for praising Osama bin Laden was charged with masterminding the plot.

More than 500 police backed up by helicopters were involved in raids across Sydney and Melbourne, arresting eight men in Sydney and nine in Melbourne and seizing chemicals, weapons, computers and backpacks.
Coupled with the riots currently plaguing France, the terrorist plot to strike Australia should remind us of the impacts of radical Islam. Our nation's national security depends on our attitudes toward radical Islamic fundamentalists, as well as our ability to control the terrorism that these jihadists promote.

Last night on Anderson Cooper, Hugh Hewitt considered what this means for our domestic politics:
But, tonight, we're watching Australia, Anderson, where 15 different arrests are under way, even more at this hour, for a plot that threatened chemical attacks, it said, on railheads. We are looking at France aflame. We are seeing it spread to Germany. We are seeing unrest and a threat in Italy.

And whenever national security returns to the fore, I think the Bush presidency surges, because what Senator Edwards didn't reference, what the big elephant in the middle of the room -- and I don't mean the Republican elephant -- is, the Democrats are not trustworthy on national security.

They're not reliable. They did a terrible job of it in the '90s. And the American people don't forget. So, the reality of the threat from abroad is the best sort of politics for the Republicans, because they don't play politics with it. They play national security with it. That's where they win.
Hewitt added to his argument in his blog today:
Whenever the harsh realities of the world push themselves into American living rooms, the GOP sees its position improve because it is the serious party, the grown-up party, the NOT-Howard-Dean-and-Michael-Moore-and-John-Kerry-party.
This logic is right on track, and the American people should take notice of the fact that Democrats just do not have the necessary approach to national security.

Finally, this is the latest story on the Avian Flu:
HANOI (Reuters) - A Vietnamese man has died of bird flu, the latest case in Asia that underlines the urgency for top health experts drawing up a strategy in Geneva to prevent the virus from spreading to humans around the globe.

Hours after Vietnam reported its latest case, Indonesia said a girl who died on Tuesday might have had bird flu.
For more, WSJ's Avian Flu Tracker will have the most up to date information.