Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dean The Duck

According to a report from Drudge, Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, avoided an interview with the GOP's chairman Ken Mehlman on NBC's Meet The Press this morning.
Moments before taping was to begin with host Tim Russert, Mehlman asked Dean outside the NBC studio’s green room: “There’s still time for us to go on together Governor.” Dean declined with a shrug of his shoulders and an uncomfortable cackle and then proceeded to walk away into the green room.

DRUDGE has learned MEET THE PRESS producers have been working to get a head to head Dean/Mehlman appearance on the program since Dean was named chair back in February. Dean and his handlers have repeatedly turned down the request. The former Vermont governor only agreed to do this week’s program if they appeared in back-to-back interviews.
The cowardice of Dean here is obvious. The DNC chair is completely unwilling to go head-to-head with his Republican counterpart, Ken Mehlman. Most politicians would jump at the opportunity to showcase their views against their opponent's.

Head-to-head interviews are like big football games, "winning" one gets a lot of recognition. Thus these debates are among the best proving grounds that this country's political system has to offer. But Dean is apparently unwilling to partake.

The reason is simple: debates expose people.

If Dean were to take on Ken Mehlman, or any other level-headed Republican for that matter, he would be exposed. Without the normal protection he gets from the MSM, the American public could see firsthand that Howard Dean really has no idea what he is talking about. They would realize that he does not know what is best for America, and that if the Democrats are willing to put such a man in such an important position, they are not responsible enough to be trusted with governing America either.