Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Bush Isn't Backing Down. Not. One. Inch."

These are the words from Citizen Smash's post on President Bush's speech today. (HT: Hugh Hewitt) Here are Smash's closing graphs:

We went to Iraq with a list of concrete objectives:
Remove Saddam from power: Done.
Dismantle WMD programs: Done.
Help Iraqis establish a representative government: Nearing completion.
Establish and train Iraqi security forces: In progress.
Saddam is now on trial for his crimes against the Iraqi people. His weapons programs, while not nearly as advanced as we once feared, have been dismantled. The Iraqi people have drafted and approved their own constitution which, while flawed, guarantees a representative form of government. They will hold their first nationwide parliamentary elections under that new constitution in two weeks.

The final task is to help the Iraqis establish military and police forces, so that they can ensure the security of their own nation against both internal and external forces. To succeed, we don't have to capture or kill every last terrorist and Baathist holdout in Iraq; we only need to train and sustain the Iraqis as they take over this responsibility.

Once this final objective is achieved, our mission in Iraq will be over.

But not one day sooner.

Serve that up to your lefty friends if they start asking questions. Most likely it will leave them completely speechless.