Saturday, November 26, 2005

Biden's At It Again

Joe Biden has an op-ed piece in today's Washington Post and not surprisingly, he only digs himself deeper into the hole of absurdity that he sits in. Biden uses his article to mis-represent facts, make false statements, and give the war in Iraq a very bleak portrayal.

Here's what Captain's Quarters thought of Biden's piece:
Senator Joe Biden writes an op-ed for today's Washington Post that gets the entire war on terror fundamentally wrong -- and demonstrates why the Democrats have entirely failed to provide any leadership on Iraq and the wider war. Along the way, Biden slices off half-truths out of context to argue for the worst possible spin on Iraq, and ignores the tremendous progress that has been made by Coalition forces in developing Iraq into a democracy.
After this opening, Captian Ed proceeds to debunk the entire article, leaving hardly anything that Biden writes left as a valid fact. If you value the truth, read the post. It demonlishes Biden's (and the Dems) major talking points about the war.

Hugh Hewitt also offered his reactions to Sen. Biden's article:
[Biden writes:]
"Recently, 79 Democratic and Republican senators told President Bush we need a detailed, public plan for Iraq, with specific goals and a timetable for achieving each one."
This is of course the refernce to the Senate vote on November 15, which Senator Warner cooked up and which was widely understood by most observors to be a rebuke to the president's Iraq policy --a disastrous bit of maneuvering by the Senate majority which probably ruined Bill Frist's presidential ambition.

But no matter how ill-conceived the November 15 gambit was, it did not purport to do what Slow Joe Biden casually asserts it did in today's Post. Biden is lying. No one in the Post's copy room caught it.
The bottom line: Sen. Biden's op-ed is nothing more than mis-information meant to hide the facts about the war in Iraq. Thankfully, we have conservative pundits like Hugh Hewitt and Captain Ed to expose these Democratic efforts for the empty rhetoric they are.