Friday, October 28, 2005

Who's It Going To Be?

The hearsay around Washington is that President Bush is planning on nominating a solid conservative judge who has a judicial track record. Conservatives in D.C. are saying that the president is prepared to make a nomination of this kind despite the fight this will cause with Democrats.

The SCOTUS short list should then necessarily include Judge Luttig, Judge Alito, and Judge McConnell. All three judges would be great nominations for the presidents, and would re-unite the party that was divided over the Miers nomination. A nomination of any of these three men would be a nomination of a solidly conservative Judge, and one whose judicial experience would render them highly qualified for the position.

Luttig would perhaps be the wisest choice because along with his sound track record and summa cum laude qualifications, he also has a close frienship with the new Chief Justice, John Roberts. The two could work closely with one another to make appropriate decisions that would move the SCOTUS towards a more constructionist position.

Nonetheless, if the president can come through on this nomination and pick one of these three candidates, we should all be well pleased.

ConfirmThem's latest says that it's a toss up between Alito and Luttig. Stay tuned for the most current speculation.