Friday, October 21, 2005

Stories Of The Day

Hurricane Wilma has landed in Mexico.
CANCUN, Mexico (AP) - Hurricane Wilma tore into the heart of Mexico's Caribbean resort strip on Friday, trapping thousands of frightened tourists in darkened shelters pounded by torrential rains and shrieking winds as Cancun's half-million residents watched their streets fill with water.

At 2 p.m. EDT, Wilma's slow-moving, wobbly center was 15 miles southeast of Cozumel. The hurricane was moving toward the northwest at 5 mph, which was expected to bring the eye to shore later Friday in Cozumel and the peninsula.
Keep an eye out to see how this storm effects the Yucatan Peninsula, it will surely be news that will eventually effect us all.

Harriet Miers is gearing up for her Senate confrimation hearings.
Ms. Miers, whose confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee are scheduled to begin Nov. 7, has so far practiced in three mock hearings of three to five hours each, most recently on Tuesday. A White House official said Ms. Miers and her team planned at least a dozen more, about the same number that Chief Justice Roberts had.
I expect that by the time she goes to the Senate for the real hearings, she'll be beyond prepared, and we'll see why the president has placed so much confidence in her as his nominee. The preparations are only natural, and shouldn't be viewed as a sign of weekness.

Tom Delay's trial has been slightly delayed, due to the Judge's being a regularly contributing Democrat.
The formal arraignment of DeLay, who has stepped down as leader of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, was delayed because his attorney said Judge Bob Perkins had made contributions to the Democratic Party and other groups that oppose the Republicans.
The facts in this case just get stickier as it goes on, and it seems the deeper we get into it, the more we see Democrat partisan motives at work in going after a good Republican representative.