Sunday, October 02, 2005

SCOTUS Speculations

The president is expected to announce his next SCOTUS nominee some time this week. My tendency is to believe that the announcement will come early in the week, with tomorrow looking especially promising.

I'm still rooting for the president to pick Judge Michael Luttig of the 4th Circuit, who is a very high caliber justice with qualifications nearing that of John Roberts. I also wouldn't mind Judge Michael McConnell of the 10th Circuit. ConfirmThem's latest guess is that the nominee will indeed come from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, though the conjecture is that Judge Luttig and Judge Williams are equally likely possibilities.

If the president uses his brains on this one, he'll pick the most intellectually gifted, even-tempered, and experienced judge for the next justice of the SCOTUS, and I believe that Luttig fits the bill. Despite speculation last week that Bush might seat a woman or a minority to replace O'Connor, I think that in the end the administration will make the move that makes the most sense: picking the most qualified judge to put on the SCOTUS.

Any base-bolstering or politically sensitive nomination would be a waste, and a victory for the Democrats. The country deserves the best availalbe justice with an intellect that can uphold the constitution, not a political concession.