Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Power Line On Miers

I like Power Line's most recent post on Harriet Miers' nomination to the SCOTUS. The post considers the reactions of three big names --George Will, Tony Blankley, and Michelle Malkin-- to the Miers nomnation. Will misses the mark completely, while Blankley is quite on target with his observations, but it is the comments of Power Line's John Hinderaker that stuck with me:
I think Will is way off-base on this one. I don't think Miers was one of the best nominees Bush had available, but no one asked my opinion (or Will's). The bottom line is, the President gets to appoint Supreme Court justices. Miers is easily--very easily, in my opinion--within the range of qualified nominees that it would be improper for the Senate to reject. I think her qualifications are better, for example, than Ruth Ginsburg's were. I think it would be very foolish for Republicans to start campaigning for Senators to refuse Miers confirmation, on the theory that we would then get someone better. If Bush gets another nomination, we probably will get someone about whom I am more enthusiastic, but in the meantime, Miers is the President's nominee and she ought to be confirmed.

This echoes what I have been arguing for the past couple days. While there may have been other justices that Republicans preferred ahead of Miers as the next SCOTUS nominee, our focus needs to be on reaffirming the unity of the party, offering backing and support for the president, and getting Miers confirmed.

Also, in the continued search for information on Miers, look to Austin Bay, who posts an evaluation of Harriet Miers by a Dallas attorney who knows her quite well.