Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Latest On The SCOTUS

It has been reported by some of the major news networks that the White House will announce its nomination for the SCOTUS tomorrow morning. From the Washington Post:
President Bush planned to announce a new Supreme Court nomination today, moving quickly after a weekend of consultations to put forward a replacement for the ill-fated choice of Harriet Miers in hopes of recapturing political momentum, according to Republicans close to the White House.

Judging by the names the White House floated by political allies in recent days, Bush seems ready to pick a candidate with a long track record of conservative jurisprudence -- one who would mollify the Republican base, whose opposition to Miers's nomination helped scuttle her chances. Several GOP strategists said the most likely choice seemed to be federal appeals judge Samuel A. Alito Jr., with judges J. Michael Luttig and Alice M. Batchelder also in the running.
The latest speculation at ConfirmThem favors Alito as the president's choice. This is in harmony with what many sources are saying about the nomination, though it appears that Luttig is still in the running. Don't count him out, the president hasn't been afraid to surprise, and so Luttig could be a late-breaking decision.

That being said, I highly doubt he will stray far from these two choices. Either of these two men would be an outstanding SCOTUS nomination for the president, and if either of them are nominated, it will be a good day to be a Republican.