Monday, October 10, 2005

Bombs At Georgia Tech... And UCLA

The Georgia Tech incident:
Three explosive devices found in a courtyard between two Georgia Tech dormitories on the East Campus Monday morning were part of a "terrorist act," an Atlanta police official said.

One of the devices exploded, injuring the custodian who found them inside a plastic bag. Two others were detonated by a bomb squad.

The custodian suffered ringing to the ears and was treated at a local hospital. The events led to a temporary evacuation Monday morning.

"It is a terrorist act at this point and depending on the outcome of the investigation it potentially could become a federal violation as well," said Major C.W. Moss of the Atlanta Police Department.

The UCLA incident:
A calm and quiet Westwood was briefly disrupted Friday afternoon when the Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad inspected and detonated an explosive device found within the Midvale Plaza apartment complex on the 500 block of Midvale Avenue.

After responding to a call made at 11:13 a.m., the bomb squad arrived at 527 Midvale Ave. to find "an improvised explosive device" in the building's open-air courtyard, said Grace Brady, a spokeswoman for the LAPD.

No injuries were reported, but authorities have been slow to release details about the incident and the device.

This is scary stuff, and after the NYC subway threats it isn't hard to be weary of terrorism. Heightend security measures will obviously be taken, and if Americans want to hear less about bomb threats and terrorism scares, we should be committed to eradicating the culprits when we get the chance, instead of some of the catch and release tactics that are going on in Iraq.

Furthermore, the Iraqi elections are coming this week. These are going to be crucial and should be followed accordingly.