Monday, October 10, 2005

Bird Flu Pandemic

From Breitbart:
The likelihood of a human flu pandemic is very high, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt warned Monday as he sought Southeast Asian cooperation to combat the spread of bird flu.

Leavitt and the director of the World Health Organization are touring Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to seek their collaboration in preparing for the anticipated public health emergency linked to the H5N1 strain of the disease.

While there have been no known cases of person-to-person transmission, World Health Organization officials and other experts have been warning that the virus could mutate into a form that spreads easily among people. In a worst-case scenario, millions could die.

This is a huge story that the MSM has hardly given any attention to in the past month or two. Journalists are just now realizing how impactful and enormous the bird flu story could be, and are finally giving it some thought, especially after the statement by Michael Leavitt.

With the potential that this virus has for humans, health and human service organizations all across the United States should be sharpening up their plans in case infection strikes. We've seen what preparedness (or lack thereof) can do in the face of disaster after Katrina and Rita hit, so it iss essential for local, state, and government planners to be wise and organize methods of attack should the flu reach the United States.

Stay tuned as there will surely be more to come.