Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito Nominated To The SCOTUS

As was expected, 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Samuel Alito was chosen by the president this morning to fill the O'Connor vacancy on the SCOTUS. Alito is a great nomination for the president, and one that I expect will reunite the Republican party after the division created by the Miers nomination.

Judge Alito is highly qualified as the next member of the SCOTUS, and it's tough to think otherwise. Here's a brief profile of the Judge. But for quick reference, he received a bachelor's degree from Princeton and graduated from Yale Law School, and has served on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals since 1990 when the elder Bush appointed him there. Serving on that court he has established a strong conservative judicial track record.

The Supreme Court Nomination Blog has amassed a number of links to key opinions given by Judge Alito.

CNN's has another profile of Alito's hefty legal resume.

ConfirmThem has comprehensive background information on Alito at the top of the right margin.

But despite Alito's obvious qualifications, we're in for a fight with the Democrats. The Dems could very likely attempt to fillibuster and deny Alito an up-or-down vote. These tactics can be easily stopped if the Gang of 14 gets behind Alito, and invokes the constitutional option. If the Gang of 14 Republicans can reject the Dems claims of extraordinary circumstances, then Alito should be able to avoid a Democratic fillibuster and get his shot at confirmation.

Ankle Biting Pundits is urging readers to put pressure on the 7 Republican Senators in the Gang of 14. ABP has contact info for the Senators and asks that we "demand a fair and timely confirmation hearing and a fair up-or-down vote by the entire U.S. Senate with no liberal filibusters."

Hugh Hewitt agrees, and has the phone numbers of the 9 Republican Senators thought to be reluctant on invoking the constitutional option, as well as their email addresses. Senator Graham, who is one of these Republicans, has already stated that he will not allow a fillibuster. Hewitt says that in order to truly prevent the Dems' fillibuster, the other 8 Republicans must "announce, early and often, that they will vote for the constitutional option if Democrats attempt a filibuster based upon ideology."

With the impending showdown in the Senate, I join ABP and Hewitt in urging people to call, email, write, and send whatever message you can to get these Senators to commit to stopping the Dems' fillibuster.

If we get the up-or-down vote, as we should, PoliPundit says that Alito has the votes to be confirmed. His post provides a breakdown of which Senators hold the key votes, as well as accurate (I think) speculation on whether or not Alito will get them.

So get ready folks, we're in for a political battle, but it's one I'm confident that we will win.