Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Speech Well Done

This is the man who led our country after 9/11. This is the man who united the American people and brought us together like never before. This is the man who represents what Americans are all about.

President Bush's speech reminded us of these things tonight. He showed great character in the things he said, in everything from taking ownership of the government's poor response to Katrina to putting forth a strong plan to rebuild the hurricane ravaged area. The president is a man of conviction, and Americans saw this through is speech. He has shown us that he is moving forward in restoring the lives of Katrina's victims, and that he has orchestrated a plan to accomplish this.

Another striking aspect of the speech was how well it was received (as it should have been). Just look at the reactions of the evacuees at the Astrodome, interviewed on ABC after the speech. For the most part, the response was extremely positive, and to me, this is very encouraging.

NOTE: For more on the speech, Hugh Hewitt's evaluation sums it up perfectly.